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All You Need is passion & plan

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Work In Your Own Time

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Work Around Your Kids

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Achieve Your Goals 

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Increase Your Income

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Work From Passion

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Create   More Freedom

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Learn at your own pace 

No Experience  Needed

"I have no experience"

"I'm a busy mum"

"I Don't Know Where To Start"

"I have no time"

Always dreamed of owning
your own  beauty
But think youv'e missed the boat?

Im A Mum That Wants More

But I Want To Learn

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But I Want To Start

Time is what I Crave 

Sound Familiar?.............

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We've got you covered

Break Into the Beauty Industry, no matter if you're a busy mum, a single parent, work full time, think you have no time, have no experience, or just don't know where to start.

Our Spray Tanning Business Bundle was created just for YOU!
Designed to bring you an insurable accreditation, confidence in the field, learn at your own speed, bring clarity and measurable strategy to your new business. 

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For Mums Who Want More 


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Learning Manuals 

instructional videos

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self paced learning

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World wide training & Accreditation

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community support

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Business & Life Planners


done for you templates

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done for you
social media

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BUT WAIT.......There's More

Just For  You!

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Help Others Feel Good

Work Around The Kids

Job Satisfaction

Increased Income

Know Your Worth

More Quality Time

Work From Passion

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Go  From  Mum to ...........


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Always loved self- tanning & spray tans?
Or just beauty in general?
Spray Tanning is so much more than just a treatment that's popular amongst salons.
Over the last decade the tanning industry has advanced rapidly and with people turning more and more to sunless tanning , theres never been a better time to explore the possibilities 

What a spray tan business can do for you

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Tired of working from a place of needs must and missing out time with your kids ?What if you could stop the mum guilt , frustration and exhaustion and start working from a place of passion , balance and more freedom?
Sounds to good to be true let me show you how...

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What if you could work around your kids, be free to choose your schedule, work from home or in the community, increase your income and have the choice and freedom to make more memories whilst also helping others?

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"Back in 2010 I unfortunately found myself unemployed , unfulfilled and having no luck in finding work , I struggled for 18 months , until one day I stumbled across professional spray tanning online.For those who know me , know of my love of self  tanning since being a teenager.It quickly became apparent to me that beauty treatments were not just isolated to a salon environment and spray tanning can actually be done on a mobile or work from home basis .I decided that if a job wasn't coming to me then I was going to create my own.This allowed me to work in the community working mobile and from a room in my home.This increased my income and gave me the flexibility I craved.Once I had my son in 2014  it was apparent that working my business was going to really let me be a more hands on mother and be able to work around him and have that time with in which I did. Fast forward to 2022 and I have now a salon which is almost 3 years old , that is a salon with a difference . You see my heart always stayed with my community and my love of being a mother.So now my salon accommodates mummies who have no child care to come along with their children , with our dedicated kiddie corner and of course this means that if I need to my son can come to work with me , which he LOVES.
But it all started with my passion for change, balance and helping others feel good, and now I help other mums find their own inner passion and balance .
Wondering if a career in the beauty industry is for you? Download my free ebook here , where you can read my full story and get all the information you need"

Carla xx

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Promotes Safe Tanning

Boosts Confidence

Instant Results 

Year Round Tan

Meaningful Connections

Low  Set Up Cost 

Big Profit Margins

Quick Treatment Time

Not only is spray tanning low cost to set up , there is a big profit margin opportunity, enabling you to set up a lucrative income.
However there is also MASSIVE benefits to your future clients that you may not even realise .
A Spray Tan can make all the difference in how someone feels, it could be the difference in their confidence or self esteem , and this makes you a valuable connection to them for possibly years to come. Here are some feedback from my clients that i have had with me for over a decade.

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Pink Feminine Voucher Happy Valentine's Day Instagram Post.png

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Reach Your Best 

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be the ........ Difference 

Spray Tanning isn't just a Service & Treatment it goes way beyond that ...