So what is no needle filler & what's it all about?

No Needle Filler 

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No needle filler is a revolutionary new way to have filler administered with out the use of needles ......yes you read that right NO NEEDLES

This is done by using a device that uses air pressure and the product ( the filler pierces the skin.)
Because the pressure and product work together and at great speed this procedure is practically painless. yes, you feel something but it's not painful. 

Clients describe it like a snap of an elastic band.
This procedure results in less bruising / swelling and down time compared to traditional fillers.

Here's what we use 

its called a hyaluron pen ....see its not scary at all.

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How the filler is administered in to to the skin

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so who is this treatment for ?

So, while filler isn't for everyone, especially if your pregnant, have uncontrolled diabetes, or take any blood thinning medication.

Or if you have had recent covid vaccination or fat dissolve treatment in the past 2 weeks.

However, if you're in good health and pass the consultation you can enjoy no needle filler.

No needle filler is great for people who:-

Have not had filler before 
Don't like the idea of needles 
Want a subtle look 
Want to build their look and be more in control 
Those who don't have a high pain threshold.

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what can i expect at my appointment?

When you come to your appointment your therapist will go over your consultation to make sure you are suitable for treatment.
then you will be asked to like on the beauty bed and relax.
Depending if you have had filler before your therapist will talk through the procedure with you and where they will be placing the filler shots .
the treatment from start to finish takes about 30 min. 
whilst the procedure isn't painful you can expect to bleed a little at the site of the shots don't worry though this is just a tiny amount.
during your treatment your body will respond and you will experience some swelling but this is perfectly normal and some bruising can occur also again this is completely normal and will subside in a few days .
At the site of the shots will be visible for a few days and this again is very normal..
It is important not to put anything on your lips or expose them to heat for example unbeds for 42 hours.
It will take up to 2 weeks for your lips to heel and have your final result.


important things to remember 

When getting no needle filler it is important to take note of the following :-

If its your first time filler , your body will break down the filler faster  it advised to get a top up treatment 4-6 weeks after .

No needle is a builder treatment so it allows you to build on your natural shape and volume without going too much straight away .

While filler lasts different in everyone , to keep your look it is advised to top up every 5-6 months

Lifestyle will determine the longevity of your filler. exposure to heat like sunbeds , being in the sun , hot drink etc will break your filler down faster

Hyaluronic acid ( filler ) is one of the most hydrating substances . so it is important to stay hydrated and drink water daily

Its important not to drink alcohol for 48 hours after treatment as this can accelerate bruising.


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