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Accelerate your results FASTER , and get a kick start to your new 10 step regime in only 30 mins.

Do you suffer from

Dry Skin areas on your face ?

Is your skin dull?

Do you find make up just doesn't sit like it once did?

Are fine lines and wrinkles becoming more prominent?

Do you feel your skin is aging and you don't know how to slow it down?

Gua Sha Massage

Did you know some of the leading factors to dull aging skin is dehydration

Weather conditions


Certain medications

Tobacco & Alcohol


All these even just on their own can contribute to dry , dull and a more aging appearance.

Have you bought high-street products but just not got the results you desire?

Or maybe you haven't dared to try as you don't know where to start?

Do you always feel like you have to hide behind a filter?

Your not alone infact in a recent research carried out by the University of London's Gender and Sexualities Research Centre report a whooping 90% of women use filters or edit their image before posting on social media.

WOW - its sad to think isnt it?

 Taking Selfie

Whilst filters are fun and creative .....there should be a balance right?

So how can we escape this illusion and get our confidence back and fix our dry skin and aging problems ?

Hydration is the key !!!

If your wanting to start your youthful glow regime it all starts with hydration , your skin needs this to work at its OPTIMUM LEVEL.

Hydration all starts from within and it may take a little while of being consistent for results which is WORTH IT , however what if you want to ACCELLERATE your results and KICKSTART YOUR REGIME ?

Well here's where we can help !!!

Our Hydrating Facial is specialised to target dehydration in your skin and kick start the process of more youthful glowing skin.

How you ask?

Our hydration facial works in steps to penetrate your skin deeply whilst holding on to the moisture to instantly improve, dry areas, complexion , blood flow , fine lines and wrinkles & softness . Giving you VISIBLE results in just 30 mins .

Hydration Facial 


Our Hydration Facial Formula includes 

  1. Superficial Cleanse

  2. Deep cleanse

  3. Tone

  4. Exfoliation ( to remove dead skin cells )

  5. Massage

  6. Deep Hydrating Face mask

  7. Moisturise

All these steps supercharge hydration in your skin leaving you feeling relaxed , fresh and glowing.


Benefits of a Hydration Facial 

Face mask

So what are the benefits of more hydrated skin?

  1. So what are the benefits of more hydrated skin?

  2. Plumper more youthful appearance

  3. Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles

  4. Skin is more vibrant

  5. Less irritation and skin issues

  6. Dry areas a problem of the past

  7. Boost in confidence as you will feel AMAZING!

  8. Make up will sit better and last longer

  9. Skin will begin to feel firmer and tighter

  10. Plumper more youthful appearance

  11. Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles

  12. Skin is more vibrant

  13. Less irritation and skin issues

  14. Dry areas a problem of the past

  15. Boost in confidence as you will feel AMAZING!

  16. Make up will sit better and last longer

  17. Skin will begin to feel firmer and tighter

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What you get with our express pedicure ...

Our express pedicure features

  1. Foot Cleanse

  2. Foot Mask

  3. Mini massage & Moisturise

  4. Cuticle Tidy

  5. Nail Trim

  6. Clear Gel Top Coat

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P.s Don't forget how amazing you are whatever and that you deserve to feel amazing in the skin your in. Lets improve dry skin , fine lines , and dull skin together to get back to your beaming self filter free :)

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