hair Extension aftercare & maintenance  programme 

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Following the advised aftercare is essential to the lifespan and quality of your hair extentions .

With correct  after care your extentions will last up to  4 - 12 months depending on the hair type you  have chosen to be fitted.

It is important to remember that hair extentions are dead hair and it doesnt recieve any nutrients like your own natural hair.

Hair care products  formulated for hair extensions should only be used. 

Most of the problems that arise are a result of a poor aftercare routine and incorrect product usage .

Your hair extensions can however be treated like your own hair as in straightening and curling.

Points to remember :-

Always use specialist hair care products.

Always seperate bonds before washing or sleeping.

Whilst washing do not scrunch hair , wash in a downward motion with hair between the palms of your hands , do not apply conditioner to the top of the head, focus on the roots.

DO NOT  leave hair to dry naturally - hair must be brushed and blow dried after every wash. Leaving hair damp or sleeping in damp hair will results in knotts and matting.

It is best to make a soft platt in your hair for sleeping.

DO NOT wear pony tails tightly.

If you are active or a frequent swimmer it is advised to wear your hair up or wear a swim cap. It is important to rinse hair to ensure there is no chlorine in the hair if the hair gets  wet in chlorinated water.

HOLIDAYS - Always tie hair up or gently platt when swimming /sunbathing, ensure no sun cream goes next to your hair.

Chlorine and sea water can make extentions instantly unmanagable , so its important you take extra care. Keep out of direct sunlight to avoid drying out.

DO NOT use heated styling tools to close or directly on the bonds.

ALWAYS support the bonds while brushing.

REMOVAL - Never remove yourself , always get a trained professional here at Luxy You to remove your bonds .

Not removing professionally can result in damage to your natural hair.



Your micro ring experience doesnt end after your first fitting , it is essential to have maintenence appointments to monitor the up keep of your extentions .

Micro rings require  6 week interval maintenance appointments .

In theses appointments we do the following :-

> Look to see if any strands have fallen or snapped.

> Replace and lost pieces ( that you have kept) and fit new rings.

> Look to  see if each extention is supported by enough hair.

> Check for redness , tension spots and scalp condition.

> Go over clients aftercare routine and brushing technuiqe.